First Submission…Tick!

Wow, OMG and any other slang that might describe the strange, squirmy sensation that I have in my tummy right now.  I have sent my work to my first literary agent for their perusal.  I feel sick with anticipation.  I can’t actually believe that I’ve done it.  I’m proud, but I’m nervous too.  I want an answer…of course I do, but I want it to be seriously considered.  When I think of all the big names that I’m competing with for the attention of the reading world, I feel like the smallest fish in an ocean of blue-whale proportioned literary greats, but everyone starts somewhere.  I’ll let you know when I have a reply.  For the record of anyone who is interested, Curtis Brown have a new submission process – and it is slick.  Thumbs up CB. 



2 thoughts on “First Submission…Tick!

  1. Merlyn Bollegala

    Well done. Your short story “The Intervener” is an interesting concept that i would like to see expanded on.


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