Why? (I said I’d come back to it later)


 What a word… Imagine the peace you could experience without the word ‘why’.  It is the first annoying word that a toddler learns and adults soon begin to respond with ‘because I said so!’

 The word ‘why’ has driven men and women mad for centuries… here are some examples:

 Why won’t it work?

Why don’t you love me?

Why did you do this to me?

Why are you firing me?

Why can’t I get a break?

Why am I like this?

Why aren’t I beautiful?

Why, why, why…

 When someone does something to you or your family, you torture yourself with the ‘why’ word, looking for something, anything that would explain the reason it was done.  There is also that unforgiving minute when you have done something, and you cannot rationalise why you did it.  Perhaps you stole something, or said something.  Asking someone else ‘why’ is one thing, asking yourself ‘why’ is a whole different ball game, the most torturous of all.

So, in conclusion, why is the very worst and very best of words.  You see, as well as it’s penchant for making us look at ugly truths, or search for reason in an unreasonable situation, it is also the very question that has forwarded the human race.  For all the ill we have done in the world, we have also made great discoveries and done some good in the world too.

 The following are merely supposition, provided for entertainment.

 Why can’t we have electric light indoors?’  Thomas Edison

‘Why did that apple fall down? Sir Isaac Newton

‘Why does time seem to rush one moment and then drag the next?’ Einstein

‘Why can’t there be a machine that sucks up all this dust!’ Erna Schneider
Hoover ‘Why do you think we are the centre of the universe – perhaps there is a way to look at space and find out…?’  Galileo

‘Why can’t women vote?’ Suffragettes

‘Why do you feel the need to be violent when protesting for equality for African-Americans?  There is another way…’  Martin Luther King Jr.

‘Why –  just because we are a small island – should we be dictated to by Adolf Hitler?’ Winston Churchill


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