Sample Piece. Enjoy

Motivation for Murder

             Kelly looked over her shoulder at the DC standing behind her, before fixing Gerald with a steely glare.  “In my experience, a person will kill another person over one of three things.”  She adjusted her posture slightly.  “One: they’re plain crazy, two: money and three: sex or love, the good ol’ crime of passion.  Now I don’t know which one it was here, but I can promise you this; I’ll find out.”

            Gerald glared at Kelly and a vein began throbbing in his forehead as he started to turn a puce colour.  “Do you mean you think that I’m capable of murder?” he spluttered indignantly.

            Kelly looked at him coolly.  “Everyone is capable of murder, Mr Jones, its just a question of motivation, leverage and pressure.”  Before Gerald could give vent to his considerable head of steam, Kelly turned and left the cosy sitting room, exited the house and was in the car waiting for DC Turner to join her.   He scurried to the car a moment later, quickly fumbled with the keys in the ignition and then they were on their way back to the station.  The silence in the car had an edge and Kelly knew that Turner wanted desperately to ask her why she was sure Gerald Jones was a murderer.  Truth was, Kelly wasn’t sure herself; but sure as shit, she’d put money on that son-of-a-bitch being the one who killed Arthur Jones.  Of course, first they needed to prove it was a murder.   Kelly stared out the window at the passing fields and trees and thought about the week old investigation into the apparent suicide of Arthur Percival Jones aged forty-two.  It seemed fairly cut and dried, but something just didn’t sit right with Kelly and she hated that she couldn’t put her finger on it.


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