The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Like most fans of Ms Meyer and undeniably fantastic Twilight series, I was indecently impatient for the release of Twilight 4.2 as my cinema ticket put it!  Being a huge fan of the books, I’ve been a bit disappointed with two of the movies as they didn’t really captivate me the way the novels did.  I am over thirty years of age, but an avid fan so there needs to be a new group name for the more mature fan and by mature, I mean having left puberty far, far behind but not drawing a pension just yet.  Could I be a Twi-mat maybe?  Anyway, I digress.  I hit the pictures with friends on Saturday night to get my long-awaited fix of the vegan vampires. 

Well, I wasn’t disappointed this time around.  The first part of the movie, if you’ve read the book, feels a little bit like the important bits are being summed up for you.  It’s a little like being on a strange version of fast forward.  It zips through the pertinent points in the book and then, you arrive at the action and it doesn’t disappoint!  There are red eyes galore, new characters to get to know (and laugh at) and new sides to the existing vamps.  Particularly, the previously sour Rosalie now seems to have been infused with happy hormones following the arrival of Renesmee.  I have to say, that I like vamped up Bella, a new feisty, sharp edge to the previously quite vapid girl who seemed perpetually the victim of the worst luck imaginable.  Vampire Bella is awesome and by extension, Edward has developed a sense of humour and a decent amount of sarcasm.  I like the parts where Bella flexes her muscles – and she does this a lot.  She’s like girl power met up with suffragettes and had a daughter.  I also like the vampire that has taken a shine to Tanya, he’s funny and pretty easy on the eye. 

Sex scenes are limited in the movie due to it being a 12A, quite frankly I was a little surprised that it managed to squeeze into 12A as it seemed a little risqué!

There is the mother of all twists in this movie.  You’ll have to watch it to find out what that twist is, but if the creators responsible happen to read this blog, you did what you set out to do.  At the moment where you think the film has deviated drastically, irrevocably, painfully and upsettingly from the book (and again, if you’ve seen it you know which part I mean) the cinema erupts into a chorus of ‘oh my god’, ‘they can’t do that!’ and this all lays the foundation for the best climax in cinematic history – or at least in 2012!  Great suspense, horror and finally relief.  I’d recommend this as a definite to see, even if you’re not crazy about the other films,you’ll enjoy this and you’ll get a good laugh out of the Jake and Charlie conversation… poor Charlie!  I think he should be at least nominated for a supporting role oscar, he’s given so much weight to the other movies and he truly gave this one his best.  In fact, all of the cast surpassed themselves on this final, epic conclusion to one of the most popular sagas of recent times.


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