I’m having a tough time in one particular arena of my life at the moment and one day, I’m walking along looking at the floor and a gentleman in his sixties stops me by calling to me from his car. I think he’s going to ask for directions but instead, he strikes up a conversation, a portion of which, is detail of his near death experience and a conversation he had with God. He told God he didn’t want to be there and needed to go ‘back’ to help some people out. A lot of what he discussed with me made me wonder if he was sent to intercept me or if he was just a random older man. I didn’t feel any threat or intimidation from him.

Time goes by and I forget about this conversation. Then I see in my emails a link to a blog I follow, giving a writing challenge about strangers that you’ve met and I think of this chap and de IDE to participate. (Michelle W). I click the link and the post doesn’t exist.

Now, the book that I had all but abandoned since writing has a theme of this nature; seemingly random events that aren’t random at all. There’s a word for it but I can’t recall it at this moment. Was it a sign…?


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