Three People

Three people walk into a bar. The first, a newly qualified lawyer realising the lucrative opportunity that has befallen his shins, sues the bar owner putting him out if business and making the lawyer not only a tidy profit, but also a reputation for being a shark in the courtroom.

The second person, a loan shark realising the man has no money now the lawyer has cleaned him out, offers the bar owner a loan which he cannot repay. The loan shark takes the bar owners possessions and makes a tidy profit and congratulates himself on his cleverness and business prowess.

The third man – a tax officer dealing with deceased persons estates specifically, realises the stupidity of himself and the loan shark for walking into the same bar as the lawyer. He finds the man, now destitute and offers him a business deal. Together they form the first branch of Trading Standards Ethics in Business.

They fine the lawyer for unscrupulous practices, defaming the bar owner during settlement and tax evasion. They also imprison the loan shark for obtaining money through menaces and tax evasion.

The third man and the bar owner live fulfilling lives and retire early to happy twilight years.

The moral of this story? Death and taxes can always be relied upon to be the final suits at any party and be careful how you judge a situation – the downfall of the bar owner became his making. Finally, watch where you walk and if the person ahead falls in a hole, have your eyes open enough to walk around that hole.


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