Cracking Up!

Right – anyone insured with AXA or in need of Autoglass this is what you can expect. DJ had his windscreen broken by a golf ball. Calls Autoglass using the number on his AXA policy. They can see him on Thursday or he can drive the car to Walthamstow (with broken windscreen) for repair on Tuesday. Call AXA, they give alternative number for Autoglass, no help at all. Policy says they will cover up to £100 if you choose to use another repairer, but that is MINUS your policy excess. They won’t cover the days that you cannot get to work, compensate loss of earnings, phone calls, etc. there is no complaints department or dedicated customer services team at AXA. Autoglass do not have any targets with regard to how quickly they can source and fit a windscreen because they are “not a recovery service,”. Call AXA this morning and they confirm that there is every possibility that driving the car whilst damaged would invalidate the insurance. After several phone calls (at our expense) source another repairer, cheaper than Autoglass and AXA won’t cover the cost of the repairer in full because we are choosing to use an alternative, despite our very best efforts to use their recommended repairer. I will be complaining, in writing as the whole debacle is ridiculous. Companies – you will have my undivided attention in a couple of weeks…. You should have done better


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