The Next One…

  Ok, so I’ve been struggling a while with the direction that my new story should take.  My first novel had a very clear tone and substory and I wanted to really write something from the same genre, with more than a passing similarity to the first book.  I was reading a blog today that gave me goosebumps and actually brought me to tears.  The content of which I don’t want to share as that would give away the the story.  I’m still getting goosebumps.  The story ties in with something that happened to me a little while ago and I think for this reason, the story has touched me more so that it would have done if I hadn’t had that experience.  We all look for an answer, a reasoning, an explaination for something that we don’t have the required knowledge to explain.  When I was writing my first book, I said to people, “if someone wants realism, they’ll read a paper.  I need a little magic, so I’m writing this book.” 

  I think sometimes it’s necessary to accept a direction that you’re going in, hang with the tide for a while, you know?  The next story is now fixed in my mind, soon, it will be fixed on paper.  Then, who knows? The direction, whatever it may be, has been clearly indicated.  For whatever reason and in whatever way, that is the way it’s meant to be.



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