Remembrance Life

And in giving their all,
We find our loss,
For the gap they filled,
We find our chasm,
For a right to speak and vote,
For a liberty now taken for granted,
For the honour of saying in a united voice, “no”,
For the peace of unfettered sleep,
For a world where humanity lives,
For a child that should not know this violence,
For the ills, the wounds, the haemorrhages of greed,
For these things they gave it,
For these things we miss theirs,
For the connection forever broken but continuously renewed through rememberance,
I say amen,
Rest in peace,
Help us not to be wearied,
To remember and exemplify the beliefs for which you gave your last breath,
And to push on,
So the world may be better,
Brothers will be friends and friends will be blind,
Life will surely be treated, one day,
As the gift it truly is,
For today was given by those who went before.20131110-002602.jpg



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