I’m always so troubled about suicides. It seems the ultimate wrong that someone reached a point in life, where they feel it will never get better. There is nothing to look forward to. They look forward and see only a gaping chasm ready to swallow them whole. They feel isolated and unimportant. Then they die and there is this enormous outpouring of love and respect and genuine sadness that they’ve gone. If only the person could see and feel the impact of their passing BEFORE they take their life – see and understand how much they are loved and how they are needed in the world. I’d like to think that we will find a way to start telling people how important they are to us. Life can be cruel and really, it’s just the blink of an eye, but it matters. So tell those people who are important to you that you care, make five minutes if someone needs you and don’t judge when you don’t understand. Just be. A gang of balloons is only really a gang if they are anchored. Otherwise, they’re just individual, drifting balloons. We all need anchors and some of us need to anchor others.


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