I’m always so troubled about suicides. It seems the ultimate wrong that someone reached a point in life, where they feel it will never get better. There is nothing to look forward to. They look forward and see only a gaping chasm ready to swallow them whole. They feel isolated and unimportant. Then they die and there is this enormous outpouring of love and respect and genuine sadness that they’ve gone. If only the person could see and feel the impact of their passing BEFORE they take their life – see and understand how much they are loved and how they are needed in the world. I’d like to think that we will find a way to start telling people how important they are to us. Life can be cruel and really, it’s just the blink of an eye, but it matters. So tell those people who are important to you that you care, make five minutes if someone needs you and don’t judge when you don’t understand. Just be. A gang of balloons is only really a gang if they are anchored. Otherwise, they’re just individual, drifting balloons. We all need anchors and some of us need to anchor others.



Are you not a woman?
Wasn’t your mother one too?
What is so different about that one?
The one you’re persecuting to.
That child that is now orphan,
He looks so much like your son,
What is so different about him?
Why single him out as just one?
What man allows these tragedies?
What mother thinks others so low?
What education is this you’re giving?
About who is above and who is below.
Do not share your hatred,
Allow friendships to form and be formed,
For you are a human like I am,
Let wartime and fighting be mourned.
If I allow you your freedoms,
Am I not then entitled to mine?
If I tell you not what to believe in,
Can live and let live be just fine?
You know this is all about money?
The propaganda and the news?
All this trouble and slanted opinions,
Come from someones greedy views.
Tire of what it is they’re feeding,
Think about it yourself!
For the sake of the future generations,
For the sake of our human health.
Do not infect the children,
If we kill then they will return,
Avenging the past and their fathers,
Oh when will we ever learn?
Are you a different human?
So different that your life has worth?
Allow wrongdoing it’s overdue death,
And give peace it’s overdue birth.
© Charliefris 2014


Remembrance Life

And in giving their all,
We find our loss,
For the gap they filled,
We find our chasm,
For a right to speak and vote,
For a liberty now taken for granted,
For the honour of saying in a united voice, “no”,
For the peace of unfettered sleep,
For a world where humanity lives,
For a child that should not know this violence,
For the ills, the wounds, the haemorrhages of greed,
For these things they gave it,
For these things we miss theirs,
For the connection forever broken but continuously renewed through rememberance,
I say amen,
Rest in peace,
Help us not to be wearied,
To remember and exemplify the beliefs for which you gave your last breath,
And to push on,
So the world may be better,
Brothers will be friends and friends will be blind,
Life will surely be treated, one day,
As the gift it truly is,
For today was given by those who went before.20131110-002602.jpg


The Next One…

  Ok, so I’ve been struggling a while with the direction that my new story should take.  My first novel had a very clear tone and substory and I wanted to really write something from the same genre, with more than a passing similarity to the first book.  I was reading a blog today that gave me goosebumps and actually brought me to tears.  The content of which I don’t want to share as that would give away the the story.  I’m still getting goosebumps.  The story ties in with something that happened to me a little while ago and I think for this reason, the story has touched me more so that it would have done if I hadn’t had that experience.  We all look for an answer, a reasoning, an explaination for something that we don’t have the required knowledge to explain.  When I was writing my first book, I said to people, “if someone wants realism, they’ll read a paper.  I need a little magic, so I’m writing this book.” 

  I think sometimes it’s necessary to accept a direction that you’re going in, hang with the tide for a while, you know?  The next story is now fixed in my mind, soon, it will be fixed on paper.  Then, who knows? The direction, whatever it may be, has been clearly indicated.  For whatever reason and in whatever way, that is the way it’s meant to be.


Cracking Up!

Right – anyone insured with AXA or in need of Autoglass this is what you can expect. DJ had his windscreen broken by a golf ball. Calls Autoglass using the number on his AXA policy. They can see him on Thursday or he can drive the car to Walthamstow (with broken windscreen) for repair on Tuesday. Call AXA, they give alternative number for Autoglass, no help at all. Policy says they will cover up to £100 if you choose to use another repairer, but that is MINUS your policy excess. They won’t cover the days that you cannot get to work, compensate loss of earnings, phone calls, etc. there is no complaints department or dedicated customer services team at AXA. Autoglass do not have any targets with regard to how quickly they can source and fit a windscreen because they are “not a recovery service,”. Call AXA this morning and they confirm that there is every possibility that driving the car whilst damaged would invalidate the insurance. After several phone calls (at our expense) source another repairer, cheaper than Autoglass and AXA won’t cover the cost of the repairer in full because we are choosing to use an alternative, despite our very best efforts to use their recommended repairer. I will be complaining, in writing as the whole debacle is ridiculous. Companies – you will have my undivided attention in a couple of weeks…. You should have done better



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