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I Cannot Change The View – Poem

I Cannot Change The View


Are you in charge?

Not I, not me, I know,

There’s no medicine for what I’m feeling, 

The stabbing sad that makes me low.

Can you tell the rain to stop?

Or make the sunshine blue?

What you ask of me’s the same,

I can’t feel differently for you.

I wish it was a coat I wore, 

Or a wound that you could tend,

But the burning scar is in my mind, 

It’s hidden far from mend.

This blackest cloak is blinding me, 

A voice inside so harsh, 

I yearn to feel nothing at all,

I wish for it to pass.

But i feel a thousand shards of ice, 

When all you feel is rain,

Your filter differs much from mine, 

Although we look upon the same. 

So hold your judgement silently, 

Til you nail jelly to a tree,

Or capture clouds inside a jar, 

Can’t do that? Now you know what it is, to be me.


Thinking Thoughts…

Thoughts appear then go
Arrive then leave,
Furl themselves around the mind,
Then fall victim to a thief.

Enter by the one ear,
Depart by top of head,
Neither hat nor capping hand,
Can help retain what’s said.

But plant a worry up there,
Let the brow be furrowed,
That thought there is solid,
A veritable tree from acorn sowed.

No shaking of that idea,
No matter if you beg,
Good thoughts seem to float away,
But bad thoughts are made of lead.